Have you ever been to

"How do you manage people school?"


      Companies don't teach this class, but we do.

Coaching programs don't have to be complicated.

P.O.S. = Problem - Obstacles - Solution (The "One Thing")

Framing coaching in this way simplifies the conversation and gets to the heart of change - and transformational change takes place in the mind, not the notebook.  

Our video below explains our Coaching Ecosystem and how we help you integrate personalities and behavioral knowledge into your coaching programs.

Remember your best boss?

I bet your Best Boss story is similar to mine. 

I don't know about you but the stories are pretty similar.  My guess is they believed and encouraged you.  Maybe it was their compassion and respect or maybe it was they expected more from you than you thought possible, but did it in a way that inspired you to not let them down.  

Not many of us get to go to "coaching school" before we get promoted - a shame really.  Learning on the job is time-consuming and unproductive.  If we had more knowledge about our own behavioral tendencies and how people perceive us (self-awareness), BEFORE we started coaching others, AND we had knowledge of our team and THEIR personality tendencies, we would be better educated on what people need from us.

Coaching (is leadership by the way) is a conversation, not a monologue.  Engaging your audience to uncover the problem and the solution is the best way to create lasting change.  Coaching isn't telling someone the obvious.  Sell More is not a sales meeting.


Please watch the video below to see how we help integrate behavior to your coaching program.