Companies are like relationships, they're complicated.

We take the guesswork out of understanding people.


Behavioral Leadership is a coaching approach incorporating statistically valid behavioral preferences for ourselves and those we lead.


As leaders, we become more self-aware of our interaction styles and how people respond. It also helps reduce emotional bias and judgment when interacting with and influencing others.


We learn how to observe and recognize the behavioral preference of our team and, along with our intuition, create a more thoughtful, pragmatic approach to inspiring people to do their best work.


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Managing personalities is unpredictable, and our intuition isn't always the answer.   


Knowing what people need and want helps us make smarter decisions. 

More Knowledge - Smarter Decisions - Faster Results.

Adding objectivity to intuition makes for even better decisions. 

If your company isn't using a behavioral program to help understand who you are hiring, what behaviors makes for success in each job, and how to lead, coach and motivate people based on their needs,  you are missing an opportunity to improve profits, performance, leadership, and culture.  

If you don't partner with us - get help somewhere.

Why experience matters.

With decades of behavioral coaching experience we utilize a statistically valid, unbiased, assessment program that helps take the guesswork out of predicting people's behavior - yes, unfortunately we can be predictable. 
But  it's not the program, it's what you DO with the program. 
Without an experienced executive who has been in your shoes, you won't see the transformational impact you're looking for.
Our client relationships extend decades and include financial services firms, aircraft manufacturers, small businesses, and equity start-ups.  
Problems we help solve:
  •   What's motivates people to do their best work.  
  •    Teach leaders how their "style" effects different personalities. 
  •   Show leaders how to recognize their audience and approach them in way that connects.
  •   Integrate objective knowledge about people to align them to their jobs.
  •   Connect in way that inspires them to do their best work. 
  •   We give leaders a "People Strategy." 🧠

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