Companies are like relationships, 
they're complicated.


 We take the guesswork out of understanding people.

People are predictable, but managing personalities isn't - and our intuition isn't consistent.  The more objective information we have about our people and ourselves, the more we can:

  • Improve our influence to help others
  • Understand what inspires our audience
  • Be an even better coach
  • Teach others how people perceive them
  • Improve leadership effectiveness
  • Align people to jobs that fit their personalities
  • Build more cohesive teams
  • Make even more informed hiring decisions
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve sales
  • Reduce conflict

Why People First?

Have you ever struggled to figure out "what the heck are they thinking?"  Or, "what do I have to do to get this person to change?"  And then there are people who "get it."  They take the initiative, bring ideas, are resourceful, driven and committed. 

If you want to tell the difference BEFORE you hire them, read on.

I'm Trent Smock,  founder of People First™, a behavioral management and coaching company.  

With decades of coaching experience with a degree in Psychology, we utilize a statistically valid, unbiased assessment program that helps take the guesswork out of predicting people's behavior.

But it's not the program; it's what you DO with the program.

Without an experienced executive who has been in your shoes, you won't see the transformational impact you're looking for - more sales, reduced turnover, ambitious, self-reliant people, better managers and leaders with resourceful attitudes. 

Because of these results, our client relationships extend decades, with senior executives across industries:  Financial Services, REITs, Aircraft manufacturers, small businesses, and equity start-ups.  

Business issues are people issues.

We give you the tools, resources, and expertise to manage the program yourself.  

You control the data & administration, and we integrate and complement your internal services. 

Adding objectivity to intuition makes for even better decisions. 


If your company isn't using a behavioral program to help understand who and how you hire, what behavior makes for success in each job, and how to lead, coach and motivate people - you are missing an opportunity to improve profits, performance, leadership, and your culture.  

If you don't partner with us, please partner with someone.

Do your coaches need to be coached?


Who are we to coach someone else if we are not willing to be coached?

You have to teach to be a great coach and leader.  Leadership isn't like fixing someone's teeth - it's learning to inspire people to do more than they thought possible.

Effective coaching requires structure, clarity, consistency, encouragement, honesty, trust, and accountability.

What change in you, would make the biggest difference in them?


Change is Hard.

YOU Go First. 


Coaching is change, as is culture, hiring, sales, succession planning, executive development, production, manufacturing and profits - everything revolves around change.

By equipping leaders with more self-awareness and knowledge about their people we help remove the frustration and uncertainty of understanding how people adopt, reject, or embrace change.

You can't improve company performance until you improve individual performance.