Personal growth takes place in the heart and mind, not in Salesforce.  

What we watch, read, and view determines our belief system - and therefore our "Story."  But... just because we believe it, doesn't make it true.

If our "Story" isn't empowering there's no chance for change.  A good story is imperative for coaching breakthroughs.   

If you don't find what you're looking for reach out and we'll be happy to help.  Each title is a link to access the document or video, use the search function or click your topic of interest.
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Hiring. Candidate Comparison Quick Look.

Hiring the right "fit" is such a chore.  And we don't really know until we see them in action. 

You can reduce the "miss" by "Hiring Slow" and investigating for past behaviors you need in the current role.

Click HERE to Download the Candidate Comparison Worksheet PDF.

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Coaching. Our 6 Step Coaching Ecosystem - Video coaching self-awareness

If you don't have a closed-loop coaching system, you're doing yourself and your team a disservice.

Click HERE to view our Six Step Coaching Ecosystem Process.

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Sales. You have a sales strategy, do you have a People Strategy? How People Make Decisions. sales self-awareness

How people make decisions is complicated but, there is one predominant and predictable component for each of us - our natural behavior.

Some of us are risk-takers, others are not.

Some of us are willing to share and others are not.

Some of us need a lot of information, others don't.

If you can...

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Culture. Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch. A Quick Look Assessment. culture teams

If your team or department is struggling I encourage you to take a "Quick Look" at the behaviors you have, and the behaviors you need.  You'll find your answers in the GAP.  

Click HERE to download the assessment.

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Relationships. Managing Your Critical Connections. Worksheet. career personal development relationships

Who affects your success?  Do you know, and do they know you?

Critical Connections is a smart exercise to identify people in your life and work who you believe can have a big impact on your personal development and career.

Smart networking isn't political, it's smart.  Take control of...

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Hiring. Turnover Calculator.

We are a proponent of hiring slow and firing fast.  Nothing is more important than finding the right fit.

Everyday costs increase for acquiring talent.  This worksheet will help you customize your expenses and process to arrive at the correct cost for a misfire.

This is an excel or...

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Coaching. Identifying Obstacles. Success and Belief Builds Confidence. change coaching overcoming obstacles

There are 3 components in our Coaching Ecosystem:

1.  Structured Process (Mechanical)

2.  Natural Behaviors

3.  Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are those  "who knows what they're thinking" category.

This one-page recap will help you uncover those obstacles so you can coach...

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