Trent Smock, Founder

People First™, Since 1998

What people say about our work. 

  • A content expert when it comes to understanding behavior and how we can use it.

  • Your work with Jim is a prime example of positively impacting a sales rep by helping him understand what makes him tick.

  • Your commitment to our success is an inspiration and shows extreme dedication to others. 

  • Your honesty and frank ability to challenge one’s thinking is very unique and refreshing. 

  • Your knowledge of behavior has taught us how to make smarter, well-informed decisions about people. I am a better coach and leader because of your help.

  • As an organization, our team has grown tremendously over the last few years and I couldn’t have done it without your guidance, counseling, and gentle pushes in the right direction. 

  • You have a unique ability to bond with people and encourage them with simple, concrete, and credible insight.

  • You have the ability to get to the core of things quickly, (“the issue is not the issue”).  

  • You give honest feedback, but in a way, that is supportive and encouraging.

  • You are trustworthy and do not break confidentiality.  

  • Having worked with you for over 15 years I would say this:

    • You are courageous by standing up for what is right, regardless of what others may think.  

    • You are dependable, doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.

    • You have a can-do enthusiasm and attitude by consistently communicating a positive attitude by encouraging others to take responsibility for their own performance and decisions.

    • Humility - you consistently deflect to others even given an impressive athletic pedigree.

    • Integrity-telling the truth, using your influence for others, not for personal gain.

    • Loyalty- very simple, dependable.

    • Authentic - you are comfortable in your own skin and the same person in a group or 1-1 setting. 

About People First™.

People First is a behavioral management, coaching, consulting, and training company. Through our behavioral program, we show organizations how adding human behavior to the decision-making process improves how leaders lead, hire, coach, and manage people. Our program improves hiring, reduces turnover, can increase sales, and it improves leadership effectiveness.

We have an excellent reputation in the Financial Services Industry since our inception in 2000.  We have worked with companies such as Prudential, Bombardier, American Eagle, Pacific Life, AIG, Equitable, and numerous Broker-Dealers.

Trent Smock is the founder of People First. Trent has held numerous positions as a Fortune 500 executive, entrepreneur, sales representative, sales manager, and company President. Trent started as a field sales rep for dictation equipment, and was involved in several high-tech ventures as a partner, and on to the President of a manufacturing company.   

He has extensive international experience, including the transfer of intellectual property to a Japanese manufacturer (Sanyo), and was responsible for establishing franchises, licensing, and distribution partners in Europe and Asia.

On a personal note, Trent graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Psychology. He was a scholarship athlete in football and basketball and played for recognized coaches Bobby Knight and Lee Corso. Trent played in the NCAA Final Four as a freshman and was a member of two Big Ten Championship teams. In football, Trent was a three-year starter, an all-Big Ten wide receiver, and as a senior, a Blue-Gray All-Star. After college, he was drafted by the Detroit Lions, released, and spent two years playing basketball in Europe.

Trent lives in Phoenix with his wife Joanie of 36 years and has two boys, Jordan, a Marine honorably discharged, working in sales, and Dillon, working in the Professional Development field, both in Phoenix.

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